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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
That car brand new can be had for $57k. Most cars (including BMWs) depreciate 20 percent when you drive them off the showroom floor.

$49k is 15% off of $57k. So in my mind it is still overpriced. I'll be it doesn't bring $46k. Not only that, it has an unknown history. Why is it for sale after only 850 miles? Maybe the diff fell out for no reason. I would run from that car like it had contageous herpes (maybe it does).
If you look at the Carfax report, it was purchased in IL with ~6 miles on it. The last reported mileage was 516. I don't find it that surprising that someone sold a car after only a few hundred miles, it happens all the time.

I actually saw this car on Autotrader before it hit eBay and I've been looking at it very seriously (very seriously in the sense that I'm not going to buy anything right now, but if I were ... ). There was another 2008 Sedan for $49k about a month ago in California. It had about 8,000 miles if my memory serves me correctly.