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Radiator and Oil Cooler received back from Pacific Oil Coolers. They look brand new. They opted not to Iridite coat them. They feel the OE coating is superior.

Radiator re-installed. With the VT2 tubing removed I noticed that the one of the hoses was slightly touching one of the protective pulley covers. A quick order from Pelican Parts and I am back in business.

Now on to something more interesting. When I placed my order for Porsche RS green I was told I could get BMW Signal Green which is very similar. Turns out it is identical to Porsche RS green. I even use Porsche touch-up paint which I will demonstrate.

The model paints are for my wheels. You cannot find Volk touch paint so I saw that some people use model paints. I thought it was a great idea and it turns out Tamiya Park Green is nearly identical to Volk Takata Green.

Here is my front bumper at one of the wear points behind the headlight. This is not really in place that can be seen but I am perfectionist so I will touch it up.



I beefed up the size of the washers for my front lip install.

Brand new bracket I purchased to replaced the one I drilled out for the VT2 water pump.

I decided to replace the oil in my SC while I had things apart. I drain the SC and then add one full bottle. Done.... easy. I disregard the SC dipstick and feel its both inaccurate and useless.

I drained the oil a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to make sure I did not forget.

Almost forgot. New VT1 manifold ready to go on.

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