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Originally Posted by can haz m3 View Post
What duration do you consider mini? My friend and I went out today from about 1:45pm to 7pm and found some greats roads between route 7 and 50 out by purceville.

If that sort of duration is okay then maybe we can try setting the date for the run?????

EDIT: I'll be in AC the weekend of the 30th.......

mine are more of a 4 hour run. 1 hour each way of "commuting" to skyline or skyline area, and 2 hours of the drive itself. But I leave early in the morning, so I have the evening free.

When I do go at night, I bring a telescope and do some sky watching too, though this month it's pretty tame in terms of planets.

Skyline drive doesn't have to be part of the drive either. Darkstar's threads have mutliple maps that doesn't include skyline drive as part of the drive, with some pretty decent NOVA backroads.