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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Let's assume that is true for a moment, (and pretend it has nothing to do with the criticism from both parties, including his own, that he doesnt spend enough time developing relationships with deal-makers who can push his agenda forward, because Malia needs help with her math homework ).

What exactly makes you thing that a 2nd Obama term will suddenly turn these obstructionist tea-partiers (who are now really disgruntled) into highly-cooperative deal-makers ? Why would we not get another 4 years of gridlock?
So what exactly is it you have against a dad taking time out of his busy day to help his young daughter with her homework? Aren't you guys supposed to be the party of "family values" ??? I suppose as with everything else in the alternate right wing universe normal things are fine for everyone EXCEPT Barack Obama, because, of course if he is for it, or if he does it, you must reflexively oppose it.

But forgive me, I digress. To answer your question, Republicans may be insular, rigid and crazy but they are not stupid. They want to win the White house back in 2016 and they would like to try to get majorities in both houses. The tea party has already lost favor with a lot of Americans and congress' approval ratings in general are at all time lows. Obstruction as a political strategy can only be effective for so long before the electorate says enough BS it's time to get something done or you're all toast.

We have just about reached that point. Not to mention demographically the Republican party is a shrinking party, not a growing party. They know they need to appeal to more voters to remain a viable party and they can't do that by continuing their strategy of pure obstruction. They will continue to alienate the very constituents they need to reach out to in order to grow the party.

If Republicans lose this election I predict there will immediately be a lot of soul searching within the Republican party and a new completely different strategy will emerge. And it will not be based soley upon obstruction as it is now.