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Originally Posted by EuroSquad:Neema View Post
Bunch of liars. Stay away from this place. Has been costing me a ton of money reversing this shop's damage and poor quality work on my car. They take in way more projects than they can handle in a reasonable time frame, and make promises they can't deliver on. They'll point to a few custom jobs they've done as "proof," of their work... don't fall for it. I love my cars, and I wasn't there for accident repair. I took a modified show room condition car to these guys for some major custom work. They butchered a beautiful car.

Private message me for in depth details and links to plenty of others complaining about ridiculous errors, extreme delays, and mishaps from this shop. Reputable shops and credible people will vouch for what I say. They claim I rushed them. Apparently 3 months and 2 chances to detail isn't enough. Here's a link to the condition of my paint after they tried to "detail," it on two separate occasions because they left it uncovered under rain and sun for 3 months and took sand paper to the entire car. Absolutely the worst experience I've ever had with a shop. A nightmare.
....Troll? I'd check your "link to the condition of your paint".
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it just sucks that the one time in my life that I can afford this car
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Im far from jealous... I can afford a much nicer car than a M3.