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Originally Posted by sA x sKy View Post
lol, he's not 16. Jon/AudiS5 stop spreading lies. We all know you're really 5 hahaha.

But seriously, I'm 18. Now I don't drive an M3 but I drive a highly modified 335i and I've had the car for almost a year. I don't have any points and have never received a ticket. It depends on the individual. Yeah, maybe I didn't pay for most of my car, but to each his own. At least I paid the down payment + 20%. Just cause ones parents buy nice things for their kids, does not mean they're spoiled.

It just means the parents are well off and want to provide the best for their kids. Nothing wrong with that.
I am a reasonably well off parent. Providing the "best" for my kids has nothing to do with providing excessive material goods. Providing the 'best" for my kids (in relation to this topic) means teaching them some proper values and perspectives on money. I am not saying that kids of affluent parents should be driving a piece of crap, but how about a little moderation. What's wrong with a new Civic or a Jetta as a first car? Want to take it a little about a 2 year old 128i coming off a lease?
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