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Texting and driving is just the latest fad in driving safety. No one here has mentioned it, because you'd damn well better be smart enough not to text and drive. There are a lot of other hazards that have nothing to do with texting that you don't get experience with in driver's ed. Combining lack of experience with a fast car is asking for trouble, no matter how responsible you are.[/quote]

i meant that i am aware of what the car is capable of, what damage can be done with a car like this, and that i not a teen driver who is easily distracted behind the wheel. i also forgot to mention that i have experience with high performance motorized vehicles (i have raced motocross, go karts, etc) but i am not reckless while driving a car on the street and i am aware that racing needs to stay on the track, that street racing crap is unacceptable because you are putting other innocnet people as well as your self in danger.
Matte White e90 ///M3