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Originally Posted by sA x sKy View Post
Had a very, very, sweet run in with an M3 about a half hour ago on the Northern State. Plate was HIGHR3VS. We definitely pissed off a lot of the drivers around us with all that revving haha. Awesome car man! Especially those BBS rims

Oh, and I tried giving you a thumbs up, but you had really dark tints. Hope you didn't get confused for the finger or something haha.
whatsup man that was got a great looking car, i was checking out your taillights the entire time I couldnt tell if they were completely tinted or you tinted around the red lol but they look great.. I would have def lined up and done a couple runs but there was way too much traffic it was ridiculous.....yeah my tints are 5% I couldnt really see ,anything I was going to lower the window but I had to get off the next exit haha....good stuff man