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Originally Posted by John Tanglewood View Post

I was skeptical after reading all the posts of the shitty stock stereo system, with no bass and bad treble.

I don't know if they changed any specs on the system (I heard they are using Harmon Kardon for the premium now), but I have the standard and it sounds great! Great mid-range bass, good low and high ranges, and treble is just fine. Turn it up, and it sounds crisp and deep.

Would love to meet up with a 2010 owner to compare. I was ready to take it straight to the aftermarket audio shop, but there is absolutely NO NEED!

I'm just sayin, all i'm sayin.
While I am pleased overall with the premium audio in my 2011, I am a bit surprised at the lack of low-end bass. My 08 335i with logic 7 seemed to have better bass (extended deeper).

Maybe it is because of the subs (if you can call them that) being under the seats...and not having the proper amount/type of enclosed area to create the lows?
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