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Originally Posted by Raja Ventureshield View Post
i think the c63 and the m3 server completely different purpose. They ar cross shopped and talked all the time as they compete in the same segment. But i think the Benz are cruisers and the m3s are clubracer car.
Respectfully disagree. That was probably true in the late 90's and early 2000's. Not anymore. I am not the only one who says this.

The cars do have different personalities with the M3 appearing more track focused and the C63 more cruiser (given huge torque, however mine has a LSD, 6 pot front / 4 pot rear brakes, great exhaust note and a track timer), but are both wannabe "club-racers". Neither of these is a real club-racer; both are for the boulevard racer crowd. How many M3 owners actually track their cars vs. discussing the latest trends in dropping cars, shiny wheels, body trim, etc. Nothing wrong with it, but let's be clear on what the demographic of these cars is. I will admit the C63 has some great adds (which I mentioned above) and needs a few things stock, such as wider tires and better cooling.
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