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Originally Posted by graider View Post
i have always want the 2012 c63 amg sedan. but then i saw a black c63 amg sedan yesterday and I have to change my mind this time.

sorry but M3 all day for me. The amg just look too generic for me and really it is very hard to differentiate between the amg vs the regualr c63.

on the m3, atleast you have the hood bulge, side vents, carbon roof, and m3 rims.

on the c class, you can order amg rims for any model. this confuse me all the time because everytime I see a regular c, i though it was the amg model but it wasn't. the only way to tell is look at the amg badge. urg...

if i am to fork out 70k for a car, i want mine to look special.

You really don't know what you're talking about, do you? The C63 AMG Black Series is a limited run C63 on steroids. Unlike BMW which seems to like making limited editions that have matte paint shemes and nothing else, MB tuned the 6.2L V8 to 510 hp and 450+ ft lbs of torque. It also added a couple of different options like the track pack and a rear Carbon Fiber diffusor that actually serves a purpose.

The C63 AMG has different wheels, different hood, different bumper, different diffusor, and different exhausts. If you can't tell the difference between the wider track of an C63 vs a normal C class, you're blind.
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You sound like my buddies who have AMG's - Slam the gas, slam the brakes...