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Good... everyone has a choice and an opinion. I guess the AMG rims one can order are nothing like the M rims one can get on a 3 series or the $$M-Sport lines one can get, further blurring the difference between a true "M" and a dressed up 3 series, et cetera.

I think the C63 looks nothing like a regular C class coupe; actually I get more looks and compliments in the C63 P31, much like I did in my Z4M. However I don't care about these considerations. Further, my friends / co-workers used to rip on me and say my M3 looked like a regular 3 series... it's not even loud (stock) etc, etc.

One will always get that when the car you own is a "hot-rod" model based based on the regular car. If you want something that looks special in this price range, go get a Mustang Laguna Seca, P-car or a Corvette etc. Neither the C63 (or whatever the next name is) nor the M3 will ever really be a 100% departure from the cars they are based on.
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