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Originally Posted by 997GT3 View Post
Edmunds Insideline does true 0-60 acceleration measurements.
0 to 60 or whatever should be true dead stop accelerating.
The 1' foot roll is only meant for the quarter mile and magazines that use it are being lazy and dishonest when measuring 0-whatever.
I have a Racelogic Performancebox (
and a 1' rollout makes a big difference in acceleration times(about .2-.3 seconds with my X6M and GTR to 60)
OK, you say the clocks should start when the vehicle begins moving. That's fine, and a defendable argument, I'd say.

On the other hand, I'd say that the clocks should start when the driver tells the car to go via either clutch or brake release. That way, the lazyness in the clutch actuator mechanism (or brake release) plus driveline lash and tire windup are taken into account, as they should be, in my opinion.

That's another defendable position (as I hope you can see).

Meanhwile, in the Americas, one foot of rollout is how it's done, and that's equally allright with me.

Just compare apples to apples, and everything is fine.

Of course, 0-60 times are almost completely immaterial, in my opinion. In a race to 60, just because you do it in 4.9 seconds and the other guy does it in 5.1 doesn't mean you're ahead at the time. It just means you're going faster than the other guy when you hit 60. You may be behind and catching up, even with and about to begin pulling away, or ahead and moving out further. No way to tell.


PS - When you begin the clocks at the time the driver signals go via clutch release or brake release, most street cars will take closer to five tenths to go that one foot. Hence the "leaving on the last yellow" strategy common at the drag strip.