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Originally Posted by graider View Post
you know that is not true 0-60 time right? they do some sort of 5 feet roll out....
All the American magazines I know of (save for Consumer Reports) test with one foot of rollout before the clocks start. They do this to zero their times to drag strip clocks, because of reader complaints about apparent acceleration differences between drag times and zero-to-speed times in the past.

Now. Seriously, and without rancor (I hope), just what is a "true" 0-60 time?

Should the clocks start after the car has rolled for a foot? Some other distance?

Should they start when the driver clicks a stop watch? When he or she begins releasing the clutch or brake? When the car begins to move?

Seriously, what is a true 0-60 time? I certainly don't know, and therefore solicit opinions.