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Perf steering wheel install help

Well guys i need some serious help here. Everything went fine on this install until we went to put the new wheel on. Basically it would not just easily slide right on even though the spine in the wheel was lined up with the hole in the column. So we pushed the wheel on as far as we could and proceeded to tighten down the nut to get the wheel to go down. It did, but its not flush with the steering wheel column. There is probably a 1/8" gap. Upon reconnecting everything the wheel is off center and the DSC error came up when driving around. We took the airbag back off, took the 16mm bolt out and tried to pull the wheel off with no luck. That thing is stuck on there and just wont budge. Anything I can do here or am I going to have to make a trip to the shop to have the wheel removed? I honestly have no idea how the would even get it won't budge at all.