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Did you find with the hose flipped you gained some additional length where it connects to the back of the plenum?
Yes, with the hose flipped around it lined up no problem and I had sufficient room to stick the plenum on top, get my hand in and give it one good push to snap on, there was no resistance coming back from the hose like there was before.

I looked through my old service records and saw they recommended the PO do a secondary air pump service at one point, so I'm thinking they must have flipped it while poking around in there.
Thanks! The PO on mine had the ICV replaced at 16k miles. Car is at 44k miles now and I've been getting the 2B0D somewhat frequently. Seems like a short interval for changing the part. My guess is vacuum leak due to the hose being installed incorrectly as the tension on the hose is really significant where it connects to the plenum.

The code only triggers when coming off a stoplight.
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