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So while replacing the fuel breather valve and plugs last night I noticed that the idle control valve hose (big one on the back of the plenum) had cracked. Not sure if due to the previous owner or just plastic fatigue.

The hose is barely in there and I suspect this is what's causing my slightly floppy idle.

The rest of the hose looked fine, so before I spend $150 on a new hose wondering if anyone had any ideas. I don't know if there's any easier way to replace just the plastic connector rather than the whole assembly or some other clamp I can't think of.

This is the part, you can see how once the outer plastic ring cracks there's only one tooth holding it in. Annoyed I discovered this 2 days after FCP Euro ended their 10% off sale.
If you leave stuff in your basket after a day or two they will email you a 5% off code. Not a common failure as far as I know, so probably won't need a free replacement from FCP, just get it where you get the best price.
Good to know. I wound up getting a used hose from the forum. Turns out the dealer must've serviced the control valve for the old owner and installed the hose upside down. That's why the old one broke. I tried to copy the orientation and It was impossible. Flipped the hose 180 and presto. 3 hours to dick around trying to squeeze it on and only 60 min to flip it and get everything back together.

Car seems to idle fine now will keep an eye on it as I drive more.
Did you find with the hose flipped you gained some additional length where it connects to the back of the plenum?
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