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Originally Posted by Sara View Post
She’s been overweight for 15 years now. If she was capable of losing the weight herself, she would have done it already. IMO

We got into it so bad last night. She was “resting.” I told her resting is what you’ve been doing for over a decade and to get your ass up and go walk the block, do anything but sit. She started yelling at me and it escalated from there.
This is how your "outside", "drill sergeant" motivation works. It just doesn't. You want to hire someone to kick her big lazy ass. This won't work either. The true motivation comes from the inside. She's ready to do what she wants. The trouble is she doesn't want what you want her to do.

What's your motivation? Does anyone make you do what it takes? It's a matter of seeing the point. You do. She doesn't. This is only why she "can't do it". For even a professional guidance to work she should be willing to use it, otherwise it's a waste of time and money.

What about your horses? Is there any chance she might share your passion and it will motivate her to lose some weight to ride?

What does work is an example. Instead of making her do it, do it with her. Walk the block with her when you can (bait her with shopping? ). A perfect work out buddy should be someone making a realistic example for her to strive for. Or a competition if she's competitive by nature. Also, don't offer anything exhausting. It should look easy to do to start with. Maybe Wu-Shu (Tai-Chi), yoga, dancing... What she absolutely needs is to get interested. Somehow.

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