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THERE WILL BE BUGS. Come here to report BIMMERPOST iOS App Bugs!

Hey all, with the release of Bimmerpost for iPhone/iPad, I thought a thread where people can report bugs. Good bug reports will help me iron out the bugs and get releases out faster!

But please, everyone keep this thread on topic, don't post here with general complaints or requests for new features. ONLY post bugs here for BIMMERPOST 3. The more detailed a bug report the better, because it will help me reproduce the bug on my end, figure out what the problem is and ultimately fix it.

There will always be the occasional idiot who won't read this post and just say 'the app sux, fix it', 'how do i post', '+1' or just posts something thats not a bug etc.. but I'm leaving it up to you guys to help me and post legitimate bugs here so we can make the app better together.

It should go without saying, that if a bug has been posted and listed below, theres no point in repeating it


RED: Bug Fixed!
Blue: Bug under evaluation

@jzbm3 - Unable to access regional forums - Status: Fixed version 2.01
@Lucky1 - Slash being inserted in title with apostrophie - Status: Fixed
@BXL4 - Font Size change does not apply uniformly - Status: Fixed version 2.02
@TD78 - Add NEW POSTS - Status: Fixed version 2.02
Eginorbi - Image Save not working - Status: Fixed version 2.02
@jzbm3 - timestamp in forumdisplay is not timezone corrected - Status: Fixed version 2.03
Option to display forum title - Status: Added version 2.03
@Etek - Cannot access sub-forums from My forums tree - Status: Fixed version 2.03
@135 - Subscriptions don't work for certain users - Status: Fixed version 2.03
Certain Images will not Load - Status: Fixed version 2.04
@135 - Automatically goto last read post does not work in subscribed threads section - Status: Fixed version 2.04
@135 - & does not work in PM section - Status: Fixed version 2.04
@135 - Bullet text does not work - Status: Fixed version 2.05
@135 - Text indent does not work - Status: Fixed version 2.05
@135 - Unicode does not work in thread lists - Fixed version 2.05
@135 - Longpress causes thread to load twice instead of going to last post - Status: Fixed version 3.0
@PFol310 - Nested Quotes don't always work - Status: Fixed version 3.0

@Lucky1 - Username not showing in left hand bar despite being logged in - Status: Evaluating bug
@135 - Scroll to top not functional - Status: Evaluating bug
@Mark - Low Youtube video quality on iPad - Status: Evaluating bug

Note: It takes time to approve new version of iOS apps. You may see bugs listed here as being fixed, but not yet available in the App Store. If this is the case, its just a matter of time for the version to hit the store. Currently, estimates say it takes about 6 days for a version to be approved.
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