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Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
What's most unfortunate (and often too common on this board) is when "automatic" is used as a term to cause hostility as much as a description of type function. You know who you are and should be flogged repeatedly for being so immature!
Although I agree with and thank you for the "support" in this regard ^ I will have to turn right around and disagree with your comments below...

Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
DCT is simply a type of sequential manual gearbox (as is SMG). Unfortunately BMW coined the term SMG and now the type is also a specific.
DCT, sequential and SMG are quite different. All manuals at heart, so Ido think we agree on that. A SMG is nothing more than a truly standard manual with hydraulic/computer control added for the traditional clutch and traditional levers/forks. Late model SMGs has the small refinement that the shift patters ("gate progressions") were designed with no concern for human shifting, i.e. it was no longer a true MT factory retrofitted with the mechatronics. The SMG was a terrible name choice by BMW since the unit absolutely is not a sequential. Marketing wanted a "race oriented" name and that they got. A sequential is unique (a typical motorcycle transmission as you know) in that it is basically a traditional MT but it has the limitation that you can ONLY shift one gear up or one gear down at at time. It has the advantage that the gear selector is always a simple single double action lever. Sequentials can be (and are) improved/refined with automation/mechatronics as well. Neither DCTs nor SMGs are sequential as gears can absolutely be skipped. DCTs also differ greatly from sequentials on the inside. But they are still more related internally than say a MT to and automatic or DCT to automatic.

Bringing the term sequential back to mkoesel's approach for naming is an interesting topic. What should a sequential transmission be called? I would guess his name would simply be manual transmission. That is certainly not terrible, however, obviously, the VAST majority of the automotive world felt a new term was needed and chose one - "sequential" or "sequential manual". Perfectly fine with me. In cars they tend to be used exclusively in racing. Also they do have a unique identifying feature/character to their user interface - the single, dual action gear selector. Works under my naming scheme, just call it a sequential manual. That captures the design, internals, interface, experience (a typically very firm, fast, and notchy actuation) and even the appropriate/understood "connotations".
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