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Yes, im very aware...
I do think ferraris are a waste of money. is a Ferrari a waste of money? Get a F430 or Enzo, use it for a couple of months, then flip it for 20-40% more than you paid. Most cars will lose 20% the minute you drive them off the lot.

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You keep talking about performance for the $. The zr1 will hand nearly any ferrari its ass and for a whole lot less than 300K+.
So? Just about everyone who's harping on the LFA are also talking about peformance for the $. Although they are strangely hesitant to address the second part of your statement; hmm, I wonder why...could it be snobbery? The reality is that if you apply the performance/$ equally and without bias, you are forced to accept some things about Porsches/Ferraris that you would otherwise not want to admit.

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Porsche does use nearly all top notch materials-the carbon fiber and aluminum and wood they use is the best of the best. You just need to pay for it.
Wait, on a $100+k car you have to pay extra for what BMW and Audi offer starting at $30? Last time I checked, Porsche are still painting plastics painted in Alumalook rather than using the real thing. Even Ford are using real aluminum trim in the Mustang, LOL.