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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
First, the Porsche is as far from a waste as there is. I wouldnt pay 125K for a zr1 that uses a steering wheel from a chevy malibu. The porsche uses the best materials and it worth the extra money.
Ferraris are a waste of money, if anything is.

Please look at this link and look at the lap times.

The GT2, despite being 108 hp less, and only ~300 lbs less, it is FASTER on all but two of the tracks listed. The zr1 has a power to weight of 5.49 while the gt2 is at 6.0 but can easily take the zr1 at the track. Two equal drivers, the GT2 wins.

The zr1 while being a performance bargain cannot touch the excitement, nor the feel and razor sharp precision of the GT2.
The GT2 is a better drivers car and is worth much more than 75K more than a zr1.
Porsche uses the best materials? Like the plastic that they paint to look like aluminum and for which they will gladly charge thousands of dollars? BMW and Audi put the real deal even in cars as low as the 1-Series and TT.
The Z06 had the steering wheel before the Malibu. Is the $194K GT2's steering wheel that much nicer than the one in the sub-$50k Boxster?
Please, you put $20k into the ZR1's interior and you'll have something that looks every bit as good as the GT2's interior. Do you honestly think there GT2's interior looks $66k better than this?

Ferraris are a waste of money? LOL. Tell that to the guys who flipped their F430's and Enzos for far, far more than they paid.

Erm...I just showed you a same-day, same-condition test with a driver who specializes in racing rear-engined Porsches. And you need to bring up different-day test results, for what exactly? And let's put some runflats on the GT2 and run those tests again.

Are you familiar with the concept of playing devil's advocate?