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Originally Posted by blue2fire View Post
Huge problem. All of them (except a few boutique models like the Reventon) cost less than the Enzo.

I know where this is going, the Veyron. BUT, the Veyron absolutely excels at the straightaway while paying the price around the corners. Please dont start saying this Lexus is some sort of unbeatable Lotus Exige built for carving up the track machine now.

They may cost less than the Enzo...but most of them are still significantly more than the LF A.

LF A $375 000 7:24
Zonda F Clubsport $741 000 7:24
Enzo $1M 7:25

Carrera GT $440 000 7:28
Koenigsegg CCX $650 000 7:33
F430 Scuderia $300 000 7:39
SLR $500 000 7:40
Murcielago 670-4 SuperVeloce $450 000 7:42

The Veyron has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation. There will always be something faster. But, to this point, the LF A has put down the best track time out of any of these supercars. Guess everyone should just buy a Viper ACR as it's faster than everything here at a fraction of the price anyways.