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[quote=Xcellere;2155415]I've mentioned this in a few other threads, but I don't think we've come to a consensus yet. In pictures from the recent press event and the Detroit Auto Show, we see that the bottom portion of the seats in the U.S. M3s are identical to those found in the regular E92 coupe. On the other hand, the M3 configurator now up on shows the Euro version of the bottom portion of the seat with the line down the center + more pronounced side bolsters. Has anyone read or heard anything about the U.S. getting different seats?

Here is a quote from the BMW Aftersales Training Product information.

As you can see it states we get the special ME back rests but the same seat cushion as the regular M92 coupe.

"In order to provide an enhanced sporting charactor and more hold, the seat cushions and back rests in European vehicles have been further developed, In the United States, only the front seat back rests have been revised."