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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Thanks for the quick response lucid. I do understand what the criteria for is determined to be off topic and what is not. I just don't understand how it is decided which topics that happen to meet the criteria for being off topic are actually moved or removed.

To be more blunt, there are now and there has been in the past topics within the M3 General forum that are blatantly, moderately, or subtly off topic. I am curious why they remain in that forum, if you are permitted to discuss it.
There may very well be off-topic threads in various sections. I act on the ones I see, and we have only so much bandwidth. If you see one that you think is off-topic, report it, and we'll move it.

Someone telling another member to f*** off in the middle of a heated debate (the exact wording was "eff off"), getting a minor warning for it from a moderator, and then starting a thread and stating that the definition of proper language on the forum is a "moving target" is indeed an off-topic discussion and does not belong in the main forum page. See, I didn't want to be this explicit about it, but you asked me to be.

We give many infractions/warnings on a daily basis. Do you want to see a public discussion on every one of them on the main forum page (there is a seperate page which lists every single warning and infraction given in the moderator/administrator section so it's not as if these things are not kept in check)? How many threads would that result in? And in many cases, there are details that we cannot discuss in public for various reasons. How is that related to the general M3 discussion?