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Originally Posted by epbrown View Post
Reports of the demise of the America Dream are somewhat exaggerated. It's still a place where you can be successful if you work your ass off - something most American's aren't willing to do anymore, if they ever were.

One of my neighbors owns his own business and just opened his 2nd location - he came here 5 years ago with $500. He worked 2 jobs for 3 years, living off the income from one while banking the money from the other, higher-paying job.

One of my close friends owns 7 apartment buildings worth several million (even in today's market) - he bought the first by working 3 jobs and building the money over 5 years.

I could do this all day, and the common denominator would be none of the people were born here, but came here because in the US you can work your ass off and get rich, whereas in most of the world, you'll just work your ass off to live.
I have no sympathy for the poor if their condition is their own making. I feel awful for those in squalor due to illness, death in family, etc. I have zero sympathy for those who chose to get pregnant at the age 15 and suck the funds off taxpayers.

Being a fiscal conservative in this liberal city certainly does not help. I worked my @$$ off for my degrees and engineering license. I have no one to thank for my M3. I hear this nonsense about helping those less fortunate all the time. Those living in lousy neighborhoods have zero aspirations and did nothing to improve their lives. The parents could not care less about their kids' education (my wife is a high school teacher) and took the kids to vacation 2 weeks before Christmas break because tickets are cheap... who cares about the finals (WTF???!!!). They had no drive or determination whatsoever and some got pregnant before entering high school. If this is not the root cause of poverty I don't know what is... certainly not misfortune.

For those who lost their jobs due to economic downturn, short term relief must be provided--provided that they had contributed their fair share to the unemployment funds. For those who chose to live off taxpayers, I have no problem seeing them starve to death. If it takes a police state to maintain law and order, I am all for it.
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