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I'm not a millionaire... yet, but it helped me remember how blessed I am to have a supportive family that gave me the courage & strength to chase after my dreams & aspirations, the importance of charity in how the smallest actions could have a profound affect on someone, & how lucky I am to be born in the US where every person has the opportunity for greatness. Thats what I got out of it.

My dad came here as an immigrant at 8 years old with my grandparents, aunt & uncle. They all lived together in a 2 bedroom place in the Miami ghetto when they 1st got here. My grandfather was a construction worker & my grandmother was a maid. My dad worked full time & went to school full time as well. He then became a successful banker over time. He left banking to chase his dream once he had the opportunity & is now very successful by any stretch of the imagination.

Count your blessings....
That's how the US was. Too bad those days are over my friend. Nobody cares about the US anymore or the "dream". This country is going downhill. It was bound to happen, just sad, real sad to see. People had it good for too long and too many took that for granted. And you have to pay back... Geographical distance mattered. Now it doesn't. And people don't have it good anymore. Globalization = the end of the US that once was a dream for many. I'm already makind DR plans of where to move to.