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Originally Posted by killadelphiaM3
So I bought a few things off the Chemical Guys website and I gotta say so far so good. The Stripper Scent is great, it smells good but does it's job in actually getting rid of Odors not by covering it up like the Air Fresheners I've been using. I also got some of their Citrus based cleaner for the bugs that get all over my JB M3. Works great. Finally I also got some Leather cleaner and Conditioner with vitamin e and this stuff seems like it's gonna be great as well, haven't used it yet but you can tell these guys know what they're doing and their stuff works. I highly recommend Chemical Guys, Thanks again SKINS333
Anytime man, glad you like it! Sounds like you got some good stuff. Hope you got the big bottle of stripper scent, you will find yourself spraying it on everything!