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Originally Posted by Nicname View Post
did some research and wanted to understand something better

I plan on picking up a gintani hfc x pipe to go with my gintani sport and know I will get the CEL. I'm debating over picking up an akra delete r or going all out and getting an ESS tune. However, I don't want to void the lease warranty on my car (even though I plan on buying it out) nor would I want to void the manufacture or extended warranty after my buy out.

Basically, can I get a tune and not void warranty if i dont 1) remove the cold start, 2) extend the rev limiter, and 3) extend the speed limiter.
Now if I do do this, do I still gain all the power from a tune?

If I go with the delete, will the power gains from just the xpipe to enough to settle my crave for more power? If I do go the delete route, I'll use the extra $$ and get a gintani pulley while I'm at it.

None of those three things will improve performance... well perhaps the rev limit increase but I dont think it would be worth it.