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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
Has nothing to do with Turner- that is what is in the rule book. Turner is running a new chassis.I'm not a fan of Grand AM/Rolex/Continental at all- been to one race and refuse to cover it. Ganassi is running them (S62) in DP as per the rule book. The E92 will run in VLN under the Motorsport banner, and the Z4 GT3 is competing in every market outside the US with private though BMW supported teams.
Rolex and Continental Tire are two very different animals. I don't really care for Rolex either. But the Continental Tire Series is the best racing going inside the US. No other racing series can touch it. 82 cars in the opening round, great stuff. I find it more interesting as the cars are basically street cars with little modifications and safety equipment.

It is still going to be interesting to see how Turner/Fall-Line/Insight will deal with the next gen turbo M3 in Continental Tire Series. I worry about them going up against the big V8's in the class in the future.

Yes, the Z4 GT3 will continue with the normally aspirated V8. BMW factory team will not be at 24 hours with the new M3. They won't be in ALMS with the new M3.

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BMW will need to build out 2 more teams at least in the US for DTM- total of 10 cars, so that means money needing to go to that project from the Motorsport budget.
All the more reason why they won't be going endurance racing with the new M3.