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Originally Posted by theriz View Post
do you really think i give a fuck how i spell or anything else on here? FUCK NO!

aye keep on talking shit. see what happens bro.

i would stop if i were you. i dont even know you and i dont really care. i know everyone else on the forums and take their comments seriously, BUT you i dont know i dont even want to know... like i said keep talking and were going to have a problem. k bud!

why buy new? cars are a money pit yet alone a complete LOSER. you lose money either way you look at it. i would rather buy used then save my money and buy rental property.
Three threats in one post. I understand you may have been. Heated. But you need to watch what you say.

See what happens?
I would stop if i were you?
Keep talking and were going to have a problem?

These are fighting words. So if you don't mean to threaten others, DON'T.

Just sayin.

I want this to be a fun thread and a group of people who enjoy meeting together.

MOT, I hope you will still roll out one of these days. Even with the shit talking going on.