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Originally Posted by 325rider View Post
Yo STi, that was a good video. Def mount camera on slower car if you run again.

ONE QUESTION: (Im asking you this b/c most ppl give an opinionated or biased answer as if I'm attacking them) Anyways, Since the pipes and the tune have you noticed a "loss of back pressure" or noticeable loss of torque or drivability in the 1k-2k rpm range? I would imagine with the stock 2ndary cat you haven't lost total BP and its plausible that its the best of both worlds. Increased WHP while maintaining some OEM back pressure for whatever those benefits may be....
Please chime in

I had headers/cams/tune on my e46 and below 1.5 k rpm the car was a r3tard. Especially starting up hills and with A/C on. I imagine this was a cam issue but I hated the lack of drivability it had compared to stock and i HEAR BPM maintains the drivability but i don't want a weaker idle and funky startup due to torque/BP problems. Thanks a lot. And no, I don't know much about cars I'm learning roblem?:
To be honest with you I am not sure. I haven't played in that area with it being a High revving engine. The area I start really playing in is 4K minimum. Anything below that is boring with our engines IMO. Why are you curious about 1-2K? Seems a bit odd, just asking not attacking.

With the BPM tune I will say I feel an increase in torque between 3-4k. Then from 4-8.6K I feel a whole world of power!