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Tire Size on 18x9.5 + 18x10

Just picked up some new wheels 18x9.5+26 and 18x10+22 and now have to choose some tires. Which means asking people for answers since I can't make decisions on my own

Mostly driving on the street. I'd like to think I'll go to the track 1-2 times this year, but I might also wuss out and not go. A lot of folks seem to be going square on tires which would be 275/35R18 for these wheels. Could also go:

275/295 (only tire I found in 295/35 is Conti ExtremeContact DW)

I'll be running Eibach springs with no spacers, and am not supercharged or anything. I can go PSS in 275 square, 265/285, and 275/285 (unless anyone has a better idea). One nice thing with square is getting the full 30k tire warranty from Michelin...

What says the collective?