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Originally Posted by llis View Post
I like the MPE. I had it on my previous car. I heard it right next to an OEM mod and preferred the MPE. At >5k rpm the MPE opens up and roars like Godzilla -- a beautiful sound!

As for what's "worth it", that's a personal decision. Some people love exhausts that I really don't like, but I wouldn't say they wasted their money. That's something only they can decide on. Other people's business, you know?

If you want performance, my feeling is it's best to start with better brakes and/or brake pads, better tires, and lightening up the car. But if you're going to track it, you definitely need some kind of louder exhaust than pure OEM so you can hear your engine. One of my first track days I was hearing other people's engines over mine. I had to keep looking at my tach to see where I was in revs.

That's my two cents. But for you, no charge!