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Originally Posted by karliejai View Post
this aint europe son...
I agree with you about this ain't Europe but..

Whether it is the US,Europe,Asia or the Middle-East when one goes to a restaurant they are the customer of the restaurant that they enter. The employees that work there are the employees of the restaurant and they are employed by the restaurant to service the customers of the restaurant. I mean what was the guy to do Go up and get change so that he could tip the waiter 20%. $5 of $20 is roughly 25% of the bill. That is too much to pay, especially when the waiter did not offer full service. The waiter did not offer or allow the customer the option to pick how much he wanted to tip the waiter. He really did not go out of his way for the customer he was servicing but as mentioned by the poster in the first post most likely wanted a $5 tip so he did not bother getting ones for him. This may or may not be the case but why bother for those that don't bother