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Originally Posted by BMW M5 Power View Post

I Just came from the dealership. Spoke with Fil and Ryan. As Ken said, money has been received and the car IS PAID FOR AND WILL BE SHIPPED Wednesday. As promised, I am going out Wednesday to take pictures of the load-up on the transport. I also saw the two Chrome BMW of Lincoln license plate frames in their boxes, all the manuals window sticker etc. all ready to go. I further took a picture of the speedometer with the actual mileage, the interior and another exterior shot. I am also going to mail Ken the newspaper article from the Lincoln Journal Star as part of the documentation of this story. I will post more pictures Wednesday.

Jeff Gomon
Jeff, did you manage to get any photo of the engine bay and surrounding area when the hood is up? This would debunk an earlier post of fluid leakage/salt stains, etc.

Thanks for the pics. I kinda like the interior color.

Enjoy the ride Dooma.