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I love squats and deadlifts
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Originally Posted by mantis View Post
how often do you increase weights? what are ur weights like? heavy/light/medium?
I try to increase weight every time that I'm at the gym. I usually try to add on those little tiny 2.5 pound plates. They add up quickly after a month or two.

Here are my current numbers on the big lifts:

Bench Press 200lbs
Deadlifts (i pulled 200 the other day but i go lighter so i don't hurt my back)
Squats 185lbs

I weight about 155 so I'm happy to be lifting more than my weight.

The best thing you can do is bring a notebook with you to the gym. Just write down every set and weight that you are moving. This gives you motivation because when you look back 2 months you notice how much stronger you have become.