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Personally, I'd probably avoid both cars.

Audi is plagued by mechanical problems.
One of my friends has an S4 and another
has an A4 3.0. Both cars have been in the
shop more times than i can remember.
I had to pick up my friend who has the A4
because the engine failed on him!
Trust me, your brother thinks BMW's have problems,
he obv has not owned an audi yet.

With the Lexus I doubt you will experience
any of that. Downside: Too much power +
poor handling = not fun
ALso, the SC is due for a major change very

BTW- S4 goes in 5.7, 14.2@99(auto)
v. SC in 5.8 14.4@98

unless he's traveling over 150mph
he wont feel the difference in performance;
but ehh stay away from them both.

if he's willing to spend that much $$$ my choice:
more fun+more power+more prestige
Personally, thats the only other car id get over the e90.