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Originally Posted by Pentium View Post
so what happened to the person that caused the accident?
The police concluded that guy in e34 was the one that caused the accident. But i disagree with that.
Before the ride started every one was told to drive without speeding and overtaking, but there is always one clever person in group, who wants to show everybody how cool he is and that his old bucket is faster, its not normal to drive it town with dsc fully off!
We have a video from the car behind where its seen how e46 was speeding throu the column, he passed few cars, and then tailed the e34 for a few sec. You can see on one video that e34 is passing black VW Tuareg in right lane, right at that time e46 tails him, so when the guy in e34 looked in rear mirror before the VW there was no one, so after he have passed the car on his right, he didnt expect some one to be on his right, cause nobody should be overtaking!
Now e34 should pay for every crashed car, mine e92, other e92 that was left of 1m, you can see the 1m got a twisty bumper, thats cause after 1m hit my door it hit car left- the bumper got in the rear wheel. Also pay for totaled subaru and e46 and for medical treatment of the 3 subaru passengers!
Oh forgot, there was also one more car on the oposite side of the road - subaru was in the second lane, and in the first there was a nissan with a pregnant girl , so if that accident happened even a sec later, the end would be different. So i can say its real luck that mostly only cars have suffered.
As for myself i was saved by that 1m, after e46 hit me, i was heading staigh to the opposite side with him, with broken steering and wheel turned left, 1m put me back in lane, but that costed me: door, rear panel, and floor ( all the left side should be replaced

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