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Originally Posted by 135er View Post
You are stressing out and over analysing. I say take some time off and pull back a bit.
That's what she said.

I'd love to give some bad advice, but OP sounds genuinely concerned. Why I'm still not sure.

She stayed, she's still interested, and I presume you acted like a gentlemen after acting like a dog? I wouldn't continue to say "Sorry, sorry, sorry" - you've said it a few times right, that's it, she knows. Any more, and it might come off weird as though you're sorry you showed any interest and it won't happen again (it should happen again, just not the way you did it - just take it slow, but go in for the kiss / hug...just show her you are a gentleman). Let her adjust - you guys just basically met, if she went with what you were going for, would you really like her long term? Would she really be the girl you'd want to bring home? I bet not - I wouldn't if I were in your situation.

So kudos to her, I respect that about her, and you gotta calm down. Be yourself (unless your a horny teenager, then try to be someone a little more mature) so she gets to know you, and take it slow if you really like this girl.