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Originally Posted by AlpineCloud9 View Post
Hey guys, just wondering what would you recommend between BMW F800R, Ducati 696/796, and Triumph Street Triple for a beginner. I know they are quite a lot of bike for a newbie, but I have no trouble at all with MSF course. Might as well get myself something that I would keep for years, instead of getting a cheap starter bike that I probably get tired in a few weeks.

Personally, I am leaning toward the BMW F800R, the length of warranty and ease of maintenance is quite much better than Ducati and Triumph. I am planning to test drive all of them next week, but figured I would get some opinions on you guys.
Get a beater bike. You're better off learning everything on it than selling it. Cheaper and beginner bikes like 250's hold there value.

Dropping or making a beginner mistake on a new BMW or what not will hurt a lot more. Besides, the amount of things you will learn on a light and agile bike will be great for your confidence and the likelyhood of being scared of a bigger bike is less likely.