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Originally Posted by exdos View Post
Like you it never ceases to amaze me how people try to sell "snake oil" products based on silly claims.

Originally Posted by exdos View Post
Part 1 acts as an air-intake under WOT and a vent at lower throttle openings, and therefore it doesn't need a flap at all to operate. The M3's air intake design is ELEGANT.
That is the theory most believeable at this point. The flap would then, at best, help with cruising MPG...not something I'm really interested in addressing, though.

Now, if there was a hood scoop instead of a vent, then we would in effect be installing a stronger pump where a weak one exists (or where one does not exist) and would increase airbox pressure and thus VE.
The only issue with that is...aesthetics. I'm no designer, but I've a bitch of a time trying to figure out a way to elegantly add a scoop. I think the most acceptable addition would be a NACA duct, aiming in. And for symetery's sake, a reverse NACA could be added to the other (faux) side as a draw-out/vent of engine heat/air.

Will I do that?...the magic 8ball says no. But I think that would work.

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