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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I wasn't criticizing your or anyone else's interest in understanding how their car works and tweaking things here and there for performance gains. I have the same interest. I am simply saying that if one ends up tweaking the car in a way that increases performance, one has simply undone a trade-off that has been done by M engineers. Noise, efficiency, durability, cost are all constraints the designers need to deal with. I am speaking about a highly optimized design like the E9X M3. I don't know how well optimized your M is. Some people on this forum think that they can actually find ways to increase performance that the M engineers were not aware of, and don't really understand how complex products are developed by world-class product development teams, and that there is a reason why most things are the way they are in stock form. Others just make false claims. The most entertaining one by the scoop manufacturer, when they claimed that the car has a poor cooling system because coolant temp went up in dyno runs. Idiots. As if M engineers are simply incapable of measuring and tracking a vital performance parameter, and this scoop manufacturer all of a sudden discovered a significant flaw in the design when they stuck the car on their dynojet. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the cooling system of the car. I've driven it pretty hard for 45 minutes non-stop on the track 3 times in one day, and for 30 minutes non-stop several times on really hot summer days, and there were no signs of overheating. Regardless, it is a street car, not a race car, and if something wanted to do more with it, it might need an extra oil cooler, but that is beside the point.
I totally agree with you. The S54 engine in my Z3 MC is also fitted in the E46 M3, the M3 CSL and the Z4 MC, where it runs at higher engine revs and creates higher power/ torque outputs in all those other cars than it does in my MC. This tells me that my S54 engine in OEM is not performing optimally, and therefore it has been possible for me to add a few tweaks that have helped me obtain some genuine performance gains. Likewise, I wouldn't let anyone attempt to remap my ECU: the OEM ECU map, written by BMW experts, is proving more than capable of handling all my little tweaks, therefore clearly they've already considered the changes that I've made. I fully acknowledge that there are limits to how far or desirable you can go with tweaking/modding and that there are pros and cons to every change from OEM. Like you it never ceases to amaze me how people try to sell "snake oil" products based on silly claims.