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Most of us have been there, kid. When I was your age I had a Dodge Dart with a pathetic engine and a three-on-the-tree transmission. The complete lack of power kept me (mostly) out of trouble. We still did some lunatic things in it, though. Like sinking it in snow up to the door handles and racing it down dirt roads through the woods at night. Pure luck and the lack of real power kept me from being in your position (or worse). Most of the kids I knew who had muscle cars ended up wrecking them at one time or another.

Truth be told, your Dad did you no favors by handing you the keys to that car. You'd have been better off with an older 318is that you could wrench on and drive while you learned control and gained a bit of wisdom.

Hope things work out with the police and your dad. It ain't the end of the world, you know. Learn the lesson and move on.

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