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Depends on the kid, but you said it yourself. "I was drifting, which I normally do" Right there I knew you had no respect for the car.

I had a 350z at 18 and a 335 at 21. I never got into so much as a fender bender in either of them. I even had the 335 up to 400 whp. Never once did I forget the respect these cars require. You drive like an asshole, you get burned. I am sorry you had to learn your lesson the hard way. I too did very well in school but I knew from early on that driving like that on public roads was a very very bad idea. BTW, 335 doesn't have LSD. Trying to drift without LSD is pointless. All you are really doing is power sliding and you don't have nearly as much control over it as you thought.

I rarely drove my car in the rain because of the unpredictability of high horsepower + RWD cars. And you were running it hard with traction control off? Definitely showed your age in this instance.

Best of luck, and hope you learn from this experience. You could, and for all intents and purposes should, have spent some time in lock up for that stupid shit.