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Originally Posted by GoingTooFast View Post
If you think like that it's because you are young and foolish. Do you really believe that those morons don't get involved in accidents?!... Search again!

It's like being accused of being jealous of those 'drunk drivers' that ONLY by pure luck don't get involved in accidents, don't get caught by the police, and manage to compensate adequately for their 'drunken disability'...

What would happened if the other cars didn't brake and stop or didn't got out of the way and pull over?!

The way I see it there are only two reasons for someone wanting to buy a sports car:

1) To try to stand out in the traffic - either by showing off in traffic like those morons OR simply based on car looks alone;

2) Loving to drive and have fun in the process avoiding to put the others and yourself at risk above everything else.

If you belong to the first group please just do yourself and the others a favour and, for instance, buy a today's nice and shining BMW and let it cruise. I assure you, you'll standout on car looks alone with the proper mods.

If, on the contrary, you love driving and the driving fun and it's mainly car dynamics you are soughting after buy a GT86 (it won't stand out in traffic on looks alone like, say... a BMW). You certainly will be looking for the proper bit of road and because you only need to be doing 20 it will be a LOT safier!
I think you are a kid. You even did not get my message. Your message on the other hnd was wrong. Fisrt you "blame" Clarkson for what this guy is doing in his GT86. The Arabs there, did this so many decades ago, before Clarkson ever commented about "not drifting on open roads".
Then, you comparisions with drinking is so wrong. Drifting is not chance, like driving drunk and not getting involved in an accident. It is ability. If there are accidents it is because most do that with have 99% sure ability. And why those that are able to do it right, like this guy with his GT86, must not do it, is because there is always 1%, a huge percent, that can go wrong, and involve innocent people, so better avoid.
More, your argument about the BMW is so wrong. A BMW does not stand out at all, unless bling-bling or completly modded, but then I'm not sure it looks good. You seem to be a badge whore. Your way of thing about BMW is like prefering a BMW because it gets you more chics than a Toyota. But a Porsche can get even more than a BMW, and a Lamborghini even more than a Porsche.

I don't approve what the guy does in his GT86, though I think it is less dangerous than what some guys do here, but in no way does it make BMW a better car. What you as a BMW guy think about a Toyota, the same a Porsche guy thinks about you.