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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
I'm so happy that you decided to go this route.

You want to call me a Peasant? You are the guy selling Kobe Bryant jerseys on M3Post. That has to be the most ghetto move I've ever seen, I'm sure ballers around the nation are selling

And please, don't try to talk about 'baller' status, when you are selling VMRs. Take a look at my posts, I was in Miami a few weeks ago, I will be in San Diego this weekend, and I just might make it to the Grand Prix in Montreal.

Calling me a peasant is like calling Bill Gates computer illiterate.

Seriously, you live in a glass house, don't start throwing stones.

Or do, I'm ready
Nah you're a civilian and a peasant. Get off the forum u weirdo 40 year old guy

Montreal? No way that's so cool man I'll have my dad fly me out there it'll be as cool. And Miami??? That's nuts! All 150$ for the plane tickets?? So baller man