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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
What someone buys their kid is their own prerogative. What they buy is also relative - A parent could buy their kid a 10 year old beat up Neon that might hurt their wallet more than someone buying their kid a new 458. All the power too them. I have nothing against reward for success or achievements. And again what the reward is is all relative.
^^^ this x 1000000

By definition it takes more work than the average 2x year old is willing to do to get into a professional program (particularly one as competitive and challenging as med school).

That's "work(ing) hard" no matter how you cut it.

OP did more than what the average kid his age accomplishes and got rewarded by his parents.

When I graduated from a professional program, my dad took me out to dinner. I'm 100% confident if he had the means, he would have bought me my dream car too.

Congrats on your ride OP and good luck with your career!