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Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
I'm still waiting for one of these intakes to make anything but negative hp on our dyno . I see they make 10 or even 15 whp on others though.
Im still waiting for your superchargers to make decent power on any dyno other than yours. The only dyno numbers that are anywhere close to average for your kits have been on your dyno posted by you. Maybe before you attack other vendors products you should get your own products in order.

As far as vendors telling other vendors how to post their own dyno results please stop. Like Tom said if you don't like it post your own but don't act like an angry teen on the internet and attack someone because you do not agree with the way they post their own data. Tom has posted very good results from products he does not even sell. What I see from his dyno's is that all the tunes are very close in what they add to these cars. Other mods like exhaust, intakes etc... make more of a difference from one car to the next.

Many people get dyno numbers from independent shops in STD. They often do not have the choice or they simply might not have known any better. Im sure these people appriciate seeing comparison dyno's posted in both SAE and STD for reference, I know I do. I think the real debate here is about ego. Some people seem to be going out of their way to prove they are correct, know more than others and everyone who does not do it their way is wrong.

My opinion is these cars do not make 400+ whp "stock motor" with a tune and bolt on mods but some dyno's can get them there. I believe with proper drivetrain loss calculated they can make about 370-380 whp at best. I made around 340 whp stock on a dynojet which I believe is what these cars make and there is no way in hell bolt on mods and a tune are going to add 60+ hp to this motor.