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Originally Posted by jaiman View Post
You are missing the point, the cuts were palatable BECAUSE it was the left making them. The fact that the Liberals were willing to do it made people realize how needed they were. If the conservatives had tried the same thing, everyone on the the Left would have been up in arms. Ever heard the expression "Only Nixon could go to China?" same thing.
Interesting post. There is a HUGE rift between the left and right in this country and just as you've said, each party can only do typical moves it seems, and nothing that's not 100% in step with the party. Unfortunately im not sure i see it changing. Elements of the right seem to be more libertarian and some seem more socially conservative, though its drifting in the direction of social conservatism (not a fan). The same thing seems to be happening on the left side of things too. Id assume the poo flinging will continue.